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What CLIENTS Say About Us
"In our first meeting Jennifer was able to help me set into motion a new agenda and awareness for my business and what it needed to get to the next level. Her experience shines through her ability to personally relate and provide professional advice to create a thriving business.”
Evonne Bentley, Nia Durango
If you're interested in growing your business or if you have a knowing inside of you that something else is possible in your business and you're just not sure where to go or where to start, I would highly, highly recommend working with Jen.
Nicola Dehlinger, Pura Vida Healthcare
What if you could: 
Stop focusing on patient numbers
know the RIGHT time to expand your team
evaluate your finances & ensure they can support the expansion
get excited about your business again

It’s time to take control of your future. Through WellBiz360, you'll experience coaching unlike any other. Together, we'll identify the frustrations and challenges your business faces and create a road map to your end game.

With my guidance, you can achieve a rewarding and profitable business. This isn't your typical coaching program, focusing solely on finding your next client and boosting patient numbers. Instead, I’m here to help doctors take control of their business and take back their freedom.

My coaching program is for those who are serious about their business growth and acumen. We'll dive into your long-term vision and develop your action plan. You’ll learn to make future decisions that will allow you to spend less time in your business and still make as much or MORE money.
Here's what WellBiz360 can do for you:
  • Help you determine where you're going with your business
  • Help you discover your leverageable assets
  • Assist you in planning your exit strategy 
  • Teach you to make decisions that will get you closer to your end game
  • Help you recognize the right time to expand your team 
  • Show you how to create an asset you can sell
Why choose WellBiz360? 

My knowledge and expertise in the industry will help you overcome the obstacles many doctors and wellness professionals face. My roles in online marketing, developing revenue sources, and managing production and content development will help you achieve the freedom you dream of.

I'm dedicated to working with you to create visibility in the marketplace. Through my proven methods, we'll carve out a path to your financial freedom.

Birmingham, MI

(716) 798-9949

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